Meet & Greet

Love Travels is an Atlanta-based company founded by two sisters-n-law, Rachel and Carrie in 2011. Rachel and Carrie realized that it was difficult to find unique wedding and party favors that were hand crafted. This spawned an idea that has become a labor of love for the team; Love Travels Favors.

Carrie is the business minded one of the team. She focuses much of her efforts on correspondence with clients. Carrie is also the queen of logistics making sure that the team is well equipped with supplies and that orders get out on time.

Some of Carrie's favor-ite things!  
♥ My Hubby 
♥ Traveling
 Emily Giffin Books 
 Gilmore Girls 
 The Holiday (Movie) 

Rachel is the woman behind the designs. She uses creativity and innovation to design and assemble favors for each client that reflect their unique style. Many nights you will find Rachel working out of her studio tying bows and packaging up works of art!

Some of Rachel's favor-ite things!  
♥ My Family 
♥ Enjoying The Great Outdoors 
♥ A Good Book and A Starbucks 
♥ Putting My Creativity To Work

We hope you enjoy looking through our custom luggage tag designs!

Rachel & Carrie